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Black Coffee Justice

Black Coffee is a Afrikan American Founded 501(c)4 nonprofit organization committed to fighting injustice in all its forms that depletes the Afrikan/Black Nation in all systems of oppression such as but not limited too Mental Health, Education, Poverty, LBGQ, Veterans, Women, Disabled etc.  We fight for the Equity and advocate for Massive Board Change to end criminalization, prejudice, & discrimination among the BLACK and fellow Oppressed Communities.

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Our Mission

Black Coffee is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization committed to fighting injustice in all forms and holding our Government Elected & Appointed Officials Accountable to the WORKING TAX PAYING AMERICANS who support & believe in the candidates' commitments for Improved & Greater Changes 4 Every1. 

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Upcoming Events

Visit our Facebook page for more information on upcoming events

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